We are a full-service staffing resource company with a mission of providing Haiti i


nnovation solutions to the complex issue of Haitians finding work, and employers finding workers.

We care about all segments of the labor market and desire to be the contact point for all your hiring needs.

Our Services

Technical Workers:

Access to our database includes repairers of varying specialties, in domains such as cars, auto body, radiators, refrigerators, electricians, plumbers, and etc.  Candidates are required to provide all relevant certificates, and certificate de bon vie et moeurs.  From there, user feedback provides continual performance guarantees of participating workers.

Professional Employees:

We acquire contacts, resumes, and qualifications of Haiti’s best and most productive Haitian professionals.  We handle the entire recruiting, verification, evaluation, and onboarding, lowering the cost of new hires considerably.  Available professionals include accountants, IT,  administrative assistance, recovery agents, drivers, marketing, sales, analysts, teachers, and more.  Let us become a human resource partner.

  1. We provide a 60-day guarantee.  If you are unsatisfied with any Haiti Pro Staffing hired personnel, we will recruit and utilize our resources until you have a satisfactory second hire at no additional charge.
  2.  If a person is hired up to a year after we’ve sent their CV to you, we will receive a commission for our service.  Our commission for our service is 1 month’s salary for any hired recommendation.